Arnaud Taquet


Born and raised in France, I am a photographer and director. With a deep passion for cars and design, I started shooting 10 years ago.

2010 – 2011Photo-sessions for private sport cars owners / collectorsFull testdrives – stories for francophones automotive magazines ( Motorsport, Sport-Auto, AutoCollector, KM/H…)2012Full testdrives – stories for francophones and international automotive magazines ( TopGear, Drive, Sport Auto, EVO..) + lifestyle magazines ( TheGoodLife, LuxLife, Sport&Style…)Photos and stories for sports cars related books. Self edited or ordered Amazon, Fnac, Cultura etc.2013 – TodayCurrently working as a commercial photographer,  director and DOP for car-makers like BMW, Lexus, McLaren Automotive, Alpina GmbH, Seat, Audi, Pagani Automobili, Hyundai Motors, VW Group, Mercedes-Benz, Honda etc.




We are an Istanbul-based production house and digital agency. We execute brand-specific creative strategies, produce delicate cinematographic visuals and aim to form the brand you dream of with the right approach.