Photographer & Film Maker

Born in 1995 to Istanbul, E. Batuhan Bacaksız attended Accademia di Belle arti di Brera in Milan, Italy where he studied painting and fine arts (2014- 2020). During and after his education, he was a member of TAT Art Collective which consisted of artists of various backgrounds, managed by fashion photographer Alessandro Dotti. As the collective exhibited works around galleries in Milan, Batu developed an interest in photography, which first took shape in the form of street photography (as it does for many beginner photographers).

Following various exhibitions where he displayed his street work, he developed an interested in fashion photography.

Following his fine arts education in Milan, he attented Istanbul Fashion Academy where he met director Charles Emir Richards, who recruited him as an assistant for film and commercial sets, where he worked first as an AC, then as a DP. He has since been working as a fashion filmmaker and photographer.




We are an Istanbul-based production house and digital agency. We execute brand-specific creative strategies, produce delicate cinematographic visuals and aim to form the brand you dream of with the right approach.